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This site is designed to help business owners create value for their businesses. I'll be sharing all kinds of information to help you create and execute Strategy for your business. That's really what we're all about.

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Business Strategy Navigation 2009

Our corporate strategy research has determined that firms that lack acceptable profitable growth are driven by one or more of these five issues:

  • 1. Lack of Profitable orientation,
  • 2. Not enough focus on customers to drive the competitive advantage,
  • 3. Lack of cross-functional, cross-border, intra-hierarchical teamwork,
  • 4. Lack of sense of urgency,
  • 5. No shared vision or common strategy planning.
  • This business strategy report expresses a solution for the strategic planner to solve these problems.
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    Strategic Planning Harnessing Chaos 2009

    Perhaps there's no hope for the hall closet, but take the thought experiment to another arena - your business strategy, or your market. Naive is the executive who claims to control her company's smallest details; a degree of uncontrollable uncertainty exists in every people-dependent system. In the last fifty years...
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    Competitive Advantage

    Long gone are the days of reticence in the public display of knowledge. To the contrary, corporate strategy takes into account the technological trappings of the Information Age (see the Gates estate) have placed knowledge at a premium. Paparazzi-plagued computer program-mers and $150,000 college degrees render the materials-oriented Industrial Age as obsolete as a decorously hidden pocket watch...
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